How to Overcome Fear When Starting Your Business Rachel Antonia Designs

How to Overcome Fear When Starting Your Business

I remember everything about that moment clearly, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “It looks like you have everything you need, you just have to go for it.”

What? I have everything? I don’t need to do anymore research? No more email conversations with my accountant or using my lunch break to read (literally everything) about owning a small business? I should be excited… but I’m not.

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1 Month Update after craftsposures free webinar and what i learned rachel antonia designs blog

1 Month Update After Craftsposure’s Free Webinar

A month ago I was feeling really down on myself about my Instagram followers (or lack there of) and I wanted to do something to change that. What I found not only changed my attitude, but my entire mindset on the world of social media and I picked up some tips that helped me get what I really wanted.

I participated in Ria from Craftsposure’s free webinar and this is what I learned.

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My top 10 favorite links and websites for art blogging and small business

My Top 10 Favorite Links for Art, Blogging, and Small Business

As I am still in the research phase of starting my own business, I’m subscribing to tons of email newsletters, reading blogs, and adding a billion things to my “to do” list. (Seriously, it’s starting to look like a scroll from the medieval times) So, this blog is my collection of helpful links for art, blogging, and small business. They’ve helped me through good times and bad and now they’ll help you!

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How to get Commissions with Help from Your Friends and Family

Having support from your friends and family can be more than just emotionally uplifting it can be financially helpful as well. Family and friends are an artists biggest support system. Our mothers show off our work to friends, our friends support us on social media, and occasionally our relatives are interested in commissioning a piece or they know someone who does.

In my case, my cousin was looking for artists and designers to come up with merchandise for her company True Conversations. 

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When I first started my business journey I created a blog on I had looked into different blog formats including WordPress but blogger had the most customization and it was easier for me to learn (seeing as I was a beginner) This blog was successful for everything I needed it to do at the time, but then I started illustrating. I didn’t want to have my illustrations shared only in blog format. I needed a portfolio of some kind, and I also wanted to be able to provide a link back to somewhere you could find everything about me. So, I decided to create my own website and that prompted the question or

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A reflection of a carefree happy successful life


So this is it,

This is the first post, the capturing of the first moments of success or failure. (Wow that’s a lot of pressure I’m already putting on myself)
You see, I’ve always wanted to create, to solve problems. But when you go to high school and they ask you what you want to do when you grow up that’s not the answer they want to hear. However, in it’s simplest form is exactly what artists, designers, and engineers do.

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